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Branding for Travelweek and Trafalgar Tours – Travel photography in Italy

25th November 2013 By Dan

Travel Photography is what got me into photography.
I would backpack with my SLR across Europe and Asia and found that I enjoyed the trip that much more when having to stop, look around, and compose that perfect little moment.The images from those first few trips ended up in my Contact Photography Festival gallery and to this day live on my website (check out the Art section).
So imagine my delight when Travelweek contacted me asking if I would go on a Trafalgar FAM vacation to Italy and document the trip with my camera. I jumped at the apportunity and some of those photos are here below. You can see the rest, as well as the travel blog and article I wrote for them, on Travelweek’s site at
And the Trafalgar vacation? Really great fun. You can find out more about their tours at

Im looking forward to many more trips with my SLR.

Student Car Share – Commercial Photography – Cars. Students. Students In Cars.

29th October 2013 By Dan

This was a fun one.
Student CarShare is available on or around 15 campuses across Ontario. Select your school, reserve the KIA vehicle of your choice via a 24-hour reservation system, and then at the time of your reservation find your car located at the designated Student CarShare lot and you’ll be ready to roll!
It was my pleasure, through Dan Abramovici Photography and Awkward Silence Productions, to do a creative studio photo shoot for this amazing new brand. The shoot focused on the myriad of ways in which typical and not so typical students can make use of the affordable and spacious cars. From loading them with sporting gear, to dj equpipment, to groceries, to filling up the car with crazy ravers. It was a fun shoot and were looking forward to more.

National Coming Out Day: Closets are for Clothes

9th October 2013 By Dan

On Oct. 11, 1987, half a million people participated in the March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. It was the second such demonstration in the United States’ capital and resulted in the founding of a number of LGBT organizations. From this idea National Coming Out Day was born and is now an Internationally observed civil awareness day.
It has been our pleasure to support HSSE (Heterosexuals for Same Sex Equality) in their Closets are for Clothes campaign to raise awareness for National Coming Out Day. They do a whole lot of good and you should really check out their website at
Here are the SFW pics (with text) we did for the campaign. Please click to enlarge the thumbnail and view the whole pic

IMPORTANT: Not everyone who is closeted is in a safe place or time in their life to come out. If you need help in coming out, there are countless support groups, organizations and programs to help you.